Big Sky Barn Doors

Vintage Sliding Barn Doors

Big Sky Barn Doors manufactures reclaimed barn wood sliding doors.  Each door is handcrafted using native Montana reclaimed materials. 

Each sliding barn door is unique in character and appearance.  Our sliding barn doors are a true conversational piece. 






Q: How do I determine which size door I need?

A: It depends on your opening. Our standard doors are 2 inches wider than the opening.. For example if you have a 36" finished opening, that is a standard door height of 80", we recommend an inch on each side and an inch taller. So your door size would be 38" by 81".  

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: No, at this time we only ship in the continental United States.

Q: How quickly will I receive my order?

A: Each door is handcrafted at the time of order. Average time depending on load is 6-8 weeks for shipping.

Q: How do you ship?

A: We use FedEx Freight.  Our doors are crated in heavy duty wood crates to ensure they are not damaged in the delivery process.  Standard FedEx Freight is free and buyer is responsible for unloading off of truck at curb so it might require two people.  Liftgate Service is available for an additional charge which will allow the door to be lowered to the curb without lifting.  FedEx will only delivery curbside and not to your door.  Buyer is responsible for moving door from curb to house.

Q: Will my door look exactly like the one in the picture?

A: No two doors are exactly alike. Due to the nature of the reclaimed material, colors might vary slightly as well as the character of the wood.. Some might have nail holes and knots, while other might be weathered and have varying grains.  We do offer staining and finishing that will produce a more unified look on the door if your putting in a double slider.   

Q: What if my question isn't answered on this FAQ?

A: Please contact us at


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